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What Makes Texas Hold’em the Best Poker Game?

Despite growing Pot Limit Omaha growing in popularity, Texas Hold’em remains the most popular variant. Therefore, it’s the best variant. With the Americans being prohibited from playing years ago, you’d have been forgiven for thinking Texas Hold’em is still the greatest card game to play. But it appears to be doing well year after year with record numbers joining from Asia. In this article we will highlight a few reasons why think this game is still the best poker game of all. Read on to learn more.

The Prize-Pools
Anyone who gambles wants the opportunity to win money. That’s the modus operandi of all gamblers, isn’t it? Winning cash. Well, Texas Hold’em tournaments at an online casino Singapore, remain the best prizepools anywhere. Tournaments played online regularly hit hundreds of thousands and more on week-ends. This undoubtedly incentivises poker enthusiasts to play regularly in the attempt to win life-changing money.

There’s something about winning a hand at poker with the worst hand that can’t be topped. We think a big part of Texas Hold’em popularity is due to the bluffing element. Bluffing is far less prevalent in other forms of poker where often the betting is fixed so players showdown more. In Texas Hold’em, we are afforded greater flexibility with our bets i.e. no limit. Therefore, a player can be put all in for all their chips at any one moment. This makes Texas Hold’em more exciting as you never know if they have aces or deuce seven offsuit.

Part of playing poker is for the vanity of winning. We want to be able to say we were the best player at the table or tournament. The prestige of winning is partly why there are seasonal tournament series on major sites as it reels in the players who want another tournament win. Consider the World Series of Poker. It’s the largest series of poker with winners getting a bracelet for a win. For some, winning the bracelet is more important than the money as the win will last forever and so will the prestige.

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