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What Makes a Strong Poker Player?

We want all our readers to be tough poker players. But it’s not easy, is it? Only a fraction of the people you encounter online will be consistent winners. There are things that separate the strong players from the not-so-good. In this article we will share four things that make a poker player strong. If you work to replicate these, you too can be a formidable player at the tables.

Humble Attitude
The best players keep themselves in check. They have a humble attitude to poker and less prone to gloating or thinking they have the game solved. Look at people like Daniel Negreanu or Phil Galfond. They know they are strong but concede they need to improve regularly and not stagnate. Humility will ensure a strong player is continuing to work at their game to improve their online poker win rate and live one too.

Mental Toughness
The mind is a funny thing. You can see some of the best post-flop players know all the tricks possible, but if they lose a big pot or get a bad beat, they are spew and lose several buy ins on tilt. Mental toughness is something even the strongest players work at. People like Barry Greenstein are pioneers in staying mentally strong as they have self-imposed rules to ensure they only play when they are “on it”. This might mean setting a stop loss or only playing if there are x number of weaker players at the table.

Good Reader of Situations
We can’t escape that reading well is vital in poker, and Texas Hold’em in particular. Therefore, the strong players have learnt to read people and scenarios expertly. They know what a check-raise on a wet flop might mean or a check back on the turn when the board has paired from a slowplayer. All the pieces of information in a hand are collated by a strong player to help them make profitable decisions.

If you struggle with reading in poker, you’ll either need to invest in poker training or keep playing. Experience is one of the best education tools as the more hands you see and play, the more accustomed to various situations you’ll be.

One of the most obvious strengths for a strong player is patience. This doesn’t necessarily mean the ability to fold for 3 orbits. Patience comes in many forms. It might mean showing restraint in not bluffing a donkey. It could be patience nearing a final table or it might mean patiently waiting for the right came to start. Wherever you are in your poker journey, patience is something you will need to hone and master to becoming a long-term winner.

Even the best loose aggressive players know patience is necessary to winning online. Look at the best 6 max players and you’ll never see their VPIP be a crazy high 35% or more. For those of you struggling with patience, watch YouTube tutorials or buy some highly recommended books on Amazon. Patience is a skill you must develop to win in the long run.

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