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Do pro poker players have a higher than average IQ?

When you watch pro poker players in action, you can’t help but be impressed by how they operate. Is their ability to quickly work out their chances of winning and to make the right move down to natural intelligence or something else?

What skills are needed in poker?

To start working out the importance of intelligence in poker, we can take a look at what skills are needed for a player to be successful. They need to be extremely good at math, be able to read other people’s intentions, and have a lot of patience. Other good skills to possess for this game include being able to think quickly and work out risk vs reward in different situations.

Some studies have suggested that the skill element in poker isn’t as high as we tend to assume. However, these studies usually lacked the long-term approach taken by pro players or overlooked the importance of the human element that comes into play when people play one another.

Clearly, some of these areas are going to be easier for someone with a high IQ. Yet, it isn’t as simple as saying that being intelligent gives you a better chance of winning at poker. What about other factors such as luck and practice?

How big a part does luck play?

As most card games rely largely on luck, some people think that poker doesn’t involve the use of skill or intelligence. Yet, that isn’t the case, as we have already seen some of the skills that top players need to possess. Luck doesn’t come into poker in the same way it does in casino games like baccarat or roulette.

In fact, if you play just one or two games of poker, then luck will be a major factor in your success. However, the more games that you take part in, the more that your skill level will become noticeable in the results that you achieve.

The part played by practice

There is no denying the importance of practice in poker. The more hands that you play, the better you should become at making the right decisions – because you will have seen how different card combinations work out.

Therefore, having a good memory and being able to learn as you play is also crucial. If you play a lot and learn along the way, you should start to see improved results over time. You will probably also want to try out different types of poker and ways of playing.

In the best NJ online casinos, you can play games such as Casino Hold ’em Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and Four Card Poker, letting you try out different ways of playing this game. These games all offer something unique, meaning that you will be learning varied strategies depending upon the situation and the rules.


Having a high IQ is definitely a good starting point for any poker player. However, practicing a lot and learning the game as you go is going to prove more important than this in the long run.

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